How It Works

Based on your project and team, your custom UX Plan will tell you which UX Tasks you should implement, when you should perform them and who should be responsible for each task.

By performing relevant UX Tasks in the appropriate sequence, you can optimize your team's time and resources by confidently progressing in the right direction.

UX Tasks

The methods and techniques for developing the best possible user experience in a product are ever changing. This is not a comprehensive list but contains some of the more standard practices involved in the iteration cycle of product design.

Organizing Tasks

These UX Tasks are associated with organizing the architecture of the product before building begins.

  • Conduct field research
  • Conduct interviews
  • Develop personas
  • Create taxonomy list
  • Create user flows
  • Develop content inventory
  • Create narrative chart
  • Sketch user stories

Building Tasks

This category contains the UX Tasks that involve the actual building of a prototype or product.

  • Design user interface
  • Design mockups
  • Create wireframes
  • Create prototype
  • Code
  • Develop design patterns
  • Define content style guide

Testing Tasks

Once the MVP or prototype is built, the following UX Tasks may be used to gather valuable feedback.

  • Conduct interview
  • Conduct observation study
  • Administer tests
  • Document findings
  • User surveys
  • Create experience map

Adapting Tasks

Once you have recieved feedback it may be neccessary to adapt the plan and convince stakeholders in the process.

  • Organize data
  • Create presentation
  • Present statistics
  • Communicate with stakeholders

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UX Teams

UX roles can be very confusing as they seem to vary from organization to organization and even person to person. There is a great deal of overlap between responsibilities which is usually determined by the size of the organization. A smaller team will have to divide up more responsibilities whereas a large team will have enough personnel for specialization.

User Experience Designer

Interaction Designer

Frontend Developer

User Researcher

User Interface Designer

Usability Analyst

Information Architect

Content Strategist

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